How to Train a Teddy Bear Dog to Walk Upright


Many pet owners, especially dog enthusiasts, enjoy having a furry companion like a Teddy Bear dog. These small dogs are known for their cute appearance and playful nature. If you’ve seen other Teddy Bear dogs walking upright and want to train your own, it’s certainly possible with patience and the right approach. Here’s a guide on how to train your Teddy Bear dog to walk on its hind legs:


1. Build Trust:

  • Establishing trust with your dog is crucial before attempting any training. Use positive reinforcement methods, such as treats or playtime, to make your dog feel loved and valued. Trust is the foundation for a successful training relationship.

2. Maintain a Closed-Mouth Smile:

  • Spend quality time with your dog while consistently maintaining a smile. Avoid showing your teeth, as this might confuse or intimidate your dog. The goal is to create a positive and inviting atmosphere to encourage your Teddy Bear dog to mimic your expressions.

3. Assist with the Upright Position:

  • Initially, your Teddy Bear dog may struggle to maintain an upright position. Help your dog by gently using your thumb and forefinger to guide its front paws off the ground while supporting its hind legs. Maintain this position for a short duration, then encourage your dog to attempt the upright stance. Reward successful attempts promptly to reinforce positive behavior.

4. Consistent Hand Signals:

  • Use consistent hand signals or commands when training your Teddy Bear dog to walk upright. Whether it’s a specific hand gesture or verbal cue, repetition is key to helping your dog associate the command with the desired action. Avoid changing signals or commands to prevent confusion.

5. Patience is Key:

  • Training a dog to walk upright is a challenging task and requires patience. Teddy Bear dogs are naturally four-legged animals, and teaching them to walk on their hind legs goes against their instincts. Be patient, repeat the training process regularly, and gradually increase the duration of the upright stance.

6. Consider the Dog’s Age:

  • Ensure your Teddy Bear dog is at least three months old before attempting this training. Younger dogs may have developing bones, and excessive training could lead to skeletal issues. Wait until your dog’s bones are more mature before introducing this skill.

Remember, the key to successful training is building a strong bond with your Teddy Bear dog and using positive reinforcement. Keep training sessions short, enjoyable, and rewarding to encourage your furry friend to walk upright.

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