Maltese dog prices can vary based on several factors

马尔济斯犬- 知乎

The Maltese dog is a small European breed known for its friendly, alert personality, and lively intelligence. This breed loves daily walks and park visits. Its all-white coat requires regular grooming, and some owners may add accessories or braids to enhance its appearance.

马尔济斯犬- 知乎

Physical Characteristics: The Maltese has a medium-sized head, low-hanging ears with long hair forming ear fringes, wide-set dark round eyes with a black border, and a black nose. It has a compact body, slender legs, and a single-layer long, silky coat. Despite its small size, this breed exudes confidence and a lively demeanor.

Known for its gentle attitude, the Maltese is particularly friendly and affectionate, making it a great choice for families and interacting well with children.

Care Recommendations: Regular grooming and coat supplements are important for maintaining the Maltese’s beautiful coat. Additionally, gentle training, positive reinforcement, and avoiding excessive exercise are essential for their well-being.

Pricing and Care Tips: The price of a Maltese dog varies due to factors such as bloodline and pedigree. However, it is important to prioritize the dog’s suitability for your needs over cost. Pay special attention to their luxurious coat and ensure they receive proper care for a long and happy companionship.

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