The Dalmatian, originally from Yugoslavia, is known for its distinctive spots, earning it the nickname “Spotted Dog.” Dalmatians are characterized by great endurance and high running speeds. In the 19th century, British and French nobility used them as guard dogs for carriages, leading to another nickname, the “Carriage Dog.”


2. Morphological Characteristics

  • Ideal shoulder height: 19-23 inches. Anything over 24 inches is a defect.
  • Body length is approximately equal to shoulder height.
  • Strong and sturdy physique with well-built bones.
  • Head: Well-proportioned, with a flat skull and no loose skin.
  • Expression: Alert and intelligent.
  • Eyes: Medium-sized, slightly round, and positioned moderately apart. Colors are usually brown, blue, or a combination.
  • Ears: Medium-sized, set high, and carried close to the head.
  • Muzzle: Parallel to the skull, with a well-defined stop.
  • Nose: Black for black-spotted dogs, liver-colored for liver-spotted dogs.
  • Neck: Elegant and arched, without excess skin.
  • Chest: Deep and moderately wide, with well-supported ribs.
  • Tail: Positioned moderately high, with a natural curve but not curled over the back.

3. Temperament

Dalmatians are known for being lively, loyal, and energetic. They are alert, intelligent, and have a stable and outgoing temperament. They are good with people and other pets, demonstrating strong endurance and a combination of playfulness and dignity. Regular exercise and activities are essential to keep them happy.

4. Care

Regular grooming is relatively straightforward due to the short and dense coat. Adequate exercise and outdoor activities are crucial to maintaining their well-being and happiness.

5. Feeding

Feeding Dalmatians requires attention to their growth phases. Young puppies should be fed with a mix of canned meat and warm water, gradually transitioning to puppy food. Regular feeding times and portion control are important for their health and development.

6. Diet Considerations

Choosing the right dog food brand is essential. Many Dalmatian owners recommend specific brands like “Milton” and advise adjusting the diet based on the dog’s age. Prescription diets are available for different life stages, such as puppy or adult formulas.

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