Whippet – The Agile and Elegant Racing Hound

毛小孩冠軍惠比特犬拿下克魯福茲狗展首獎- 新聞- Rti 中央廣播電臺

TheWhippet, from England, known for its swift movement, gets its name from the word “whip,” emphasizing speed. With slender and muscular limbs, the Whippet is compact yet powerful, resembling a downsized Greyhound.

毛小孩冠軍惠比特犬拿下克魯福茲狗展首獎- 新聞- Rti 中央廣播電臺

3 Morphological Characteristics of Whippets:

An ideal adult Whippet should have a shoulder height between 48.26-55.88 cm, with an acceptable range from 45.72-53.34 cm. Deviations beyond 1.5 inches are considered disqualifying. The distance from the front chest to the hindquarters should equal or slightly exceed the shoulder height. They possess a medium bone structure.

As a medium-sized sight hound, the Whippet exhibits an elegant and proportionate appearance, displaying speed, strength, and balance without coarseness. As a true racing hound, it completes the maximum distance with minimal effort. Its overall impression is one of beauty, harmony, well-developed muscles, and graceful strength. The streamlined body shape is designed for speed, with a smooth and natural arch from the withers to the hindquarters. The head is long and inclined, with broad space between the ears. The neck is long, muscular, arched, and gradually widens into the shoulders. The back is broad, firm, and well-muscled. The tail is long, tapering, extending to the hock joints, carried low and slightly curved upwards during movement.

The coat is short, tight, smooth, and hard-textured. Any other coat type is considered a disqualification. Coat color is not a significant factor.

4 Temperamental Characteristics of Whippets:

Whippets are generally friendly towards people but can show bursts of energy when chasing prey. They are great companion dogs and perform their duties well.

With a mild, gentle, and adaptable temperament, Whippets are pleasant, emotional, noble, intelligent, and easily trainable. They are loyal to their owners and, with proper training, can also be good guard dogs. Despite their delicate appearance, they have impressive strength and speed due to their Italian Greyhound heritage. Regular exercise is important for them, making them an excellent choice for families. Whippets may shiver, not out of fear or cold, but care should be taken in extreme weather conditions.

5 Care Tips for Whippets:

The appearance of Whippets is often compared to Greyhounds, being a miniature version. Their clean, elegant, and gentle nature makes them popular among young women. Their low-maintenance coat and mild temperament simplify care.

Grooming Methods:

  1. Check water temperature before bathing to avoid startling the dog.
  2. Wash the entire body along the direction of the coat.
  3. Rinse thoroughly to remove all shampoo.
  4. Apply and rinse off conditioner, especially on the head and face.
  5. Quickly wring out excess water before drying with a towel.
  6. Use a hairdryer on low heat to ensure thorough drying, especially in colder weather.

6 Feeding Guidelines for Whippets:

Like humans, dogs go through different life stages, requiring proper nutrition for each stage. Well-developed, robust, and sexually active dogs need higher levels of animal protein. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. Proper feeding ensures that Whippets, known for their agility and racing abilities, remain vibrant and healthy throughout their lives.

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